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Renasterea Nucului
Ave Juglans regia

Dedicated to His Majesty Walnut and his adepts

Variety of walnut Schinoasa

The tree of mid-growth capability with the round elongated crown.

This blooms early, the blossoming type is protogynous. Pistillate flowers begin to blossom 7 days earlier than staminal ones. The best pollenizer is the Costiujeni breed. The fruits are large (12.5 g), egg-shaped. The fruit top is slightly oblong, the bottom is rounded. The shell is of mid thickness and density, even, yellow–grey.

The kernel is large and perfectly fills into the nut interior. This accounts for 50 % of the fruit weight and contains 69,7 % of fat. The meat can be easily and fully separated from the nutshell. The colour of the kernel peel is straw–yellow. The tree displays sufficient winter hardiness and good fructification, however this might be insignificantly affected by the brown spot disease during high humid seasons.