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Renasterea Nucului
Ave Juglans regia

Dedicated to His Majesty Walnut and his adepts

Variety of walnut Calarasi


The high-growth tree with a high-rounded thick head. This blossoms within mid terms. The type of blossoming is proterandrous. Staminal flowers blossom 5-7 days earlier than pistillate ones. The best pollenizer is the Skinossky breed.

The fruits are large. Average weight of a nut ranges between 15 g and 19 g. The shape of nuts is round, low-edged. The fruit top is slightly rounded, the bottom is flat. The shell is of a mid thickness, dense. The kernel is large, separated completely when the nut is cracked. The kernel peel colour is straw-yellow. This is oily and tasty, accounts for about 50% of the nut weight, contains 68% of fat.

The tree shows winter hardiness of mid level and good annual fructification. This may be affected by the brown blotch during the years with increased humidity.