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Renasterea Nucului
Ave Juglans regia

Dedicated to His Majesty Walnut and his adepts

Variety of walnut Cazacu

The high-growth tree with a high-rounded thick crown. The breed is protogynous. Pistillate flowers blossom 6-7 days earlier than staminate ones. The best pollenizer is the Kostiuzhensky and Kalarashsky breeds.

The nuts are of mid size (over 10 g), cylindrical. Top of the fruit is slightly convex, the bottom is flat. The shell is of mid thickness and light–yellow colour, dense, smooth, low-edged. White kernel perfectly fills in the nut interior; this accounts for 60% of the fruit weight. The kernel peel colour is straw-yellow.

The tree displays good resistance to low temperatures and diseases.