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Renasterea Nucului
Ave Juglans regia

Dedicated to His Majesty Walnut and his adepts

Variety of walnut Codrene

Strong-growth breed. This requires fertile, deep, light soils; is highly frost-resistant, sustains low temperatures down to -32C and even -35C without being much affected. This is also resistant to anthracnose and pests.

The buds are broken 4-5 days later comparing to the mid-term expansion breeds. Blossoming of pistillate flowers occurs between late April and early May.

Type of blossoming is protogynous with the difference of 1-4 days. Pistillate flowers appear in the buds that have not yet been completely opened. This, at some extent, protecting them from late frosts. Fructification is plentiful and regular; the type of fruitage is terminal-intermediate, that is from a terminal bud and from 1-2-3 lateral ones. Product is quite homogeneous.

Nuts are large, joint of the nutshell halves is tightly sealed, low-edged, the surface is rather smooth, the shell is relatively thin and easily cracked, the kernel is extracted either in whole or in halves having an attractive appearance.